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Feltix’s nonwoven technology is more in demand and perhaps most disruptive in the transportation industry, where lightweight, high performance components are crucial. Our deep understanding of the transportation industry, superior technology and domestic production create tremendous potential for the transportation industry to utilize a “next generation” material to improve their products, reduce costs and reduce… [More]


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Automakers have long recognized the benefits nonwovens in automotive parts but widespread use was limited largely by the production capabilities of nonwoven suppliers. Felix’s technology and material science approach changes that. And our deep understanding of the automotive industry mean automotive manufactures can finally fully leverage the benefits of nonwovens in increasing applications. In a… [More]

Recreational Vehicles

Travel Trailer in Sunset

Feltix nonwovens can be used in the exterior side panels, floors and ceilings of recreational vehicles. Adding binding agents to our nonwovens creates a lightweight thermoset polymer composite forming a substrate material with low thermal expansion and excellent mechanical and physical properties that replaces the plywood typically used by RV manufacturers. Our production equipment was specifically designed… [More]



Feltix nonwovens can be used in exterior side panels, floors and ceilings of houseboats and deck boats. Until recently, manufacturers of houseboats and deckboats used marine plywood in a foam glass reinforced plastic (foam sandwich) extensively. The current trend is to replace this material with composites. Our nonwovens, when combined with binding agents, create a lightweight thermoset polymer composite with low thermal… [More]


Commercial aircraft interior

Feltix nonwovens can be used in the production of many interior aircraft cabin components. Using binding agents and low-pressure molding manufacturers create a lightweight thermoset polymer composite with low thermal expansion and excellent mechanical and physical properties. Composites made with our nonwoven fabrics are stronger, lighter and offer many production benefits over alternative products. Our nonwovens can be faced… [More]


American sem -truck

Feltix nonwovens are used in the trucking industry to produce both interior tractor components as well as trailer components. Utilizing binding agents and low-pressure molding parts manufacturers create a lightweight thermoset polymer composite with low thermal expansion and excellent mechanical and physical properties that offers many benefits over the injection plastic molding, plywood and aluminum used in… [More]

Wall Panels


With open design and increased use of natural materials (brick, concrete, glass, metal, tile, wood) in office and commercial spaces noise can be a real challenge. Decorative interior wall panels offer an effective, permanent and attractive solution to manage noise levels within an enclosed space. Interior wall panels are easy to install in new construction… [More]

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

suspended ceiling system

The use of Feltix nonwoven materials can dramatically improve sound absorption and attenuation of thermoset polymer composite ceiling tiles. With additional of binding agents and simple processing techniques our nonwovens provide a cost efficient material alternative to mineral based materials for use in suspended ceiling tiles in commercial and residential applications. Design Flexibility Nonwovens can… [More]

Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric


Feltix nonwoven fabrics have a wide range of geotextile uses ranging from civil environmental engineering to construction projects to oil & gas exploration. Produced from high quality polypropylene fibers, Feltix nonwoven geotextiles are needle punched to form a strong fabric that retains its dimensional stability and is resistant to damage from construction stresses. Pricing & Solutions Information

Commercial & Industrial

Nonwoven material products are used in a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer applications. Feltix’s industry leading technology and custom design capabilities which enable us to produce higher quality nonwovens in more variations and at a lower cost is revolutionizing the nonwoven industry by expanding the spectrum of potential uses for nonwovens. Pricing & Solutions… [More]